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Individually taught web design courses.

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Website Design Courses

Although website design and online marketing is our main focus, we run a website design course so students can start quickly by providing them with knowledge, skills, experience, resources and confidence.

The course will ensure that the student is up and running and capable of designing his/her own websites. It operates two mornings a week for eight weeks for a total of 40 hours tuition. The tuition is individual (only one student) so the course is tailored to the ability and experience of the student.

Students range from housewives to graphic designers to students to programmers so the curriculum and pace is modified accordingly. All students design at least one website. Students have gone on to pursue a career in website development or have started their own website design consultancies.

A Short Course Curriculum

  •  HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS);
  •  Usability - readability, cross browser issues;
  •  Search engines, search optimization techniques;
  •  Internet marketing techniques;
  •  Website graphics - generated and photographic;
  •  Page design standards;
  •  Content and the importance of usability;
  •  The use of jQuery applications;
  •  Wordpress - setup and administration
  •  Wordpress - plugins, themes, widgets
  •  Social media integration

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  Martin doesn't just teach you how to use a web design program, he teaches you a design philosophy, which I've used to make many clients happy with the performance of the sites we build.

A strong emphasis on proper coding standards and usability makes this course extremely unique. Learning from Warthog's many years of experience is worth every penny of the tuition fee.
Tyron Love

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