Julie Berg founded Transport Aid in 1999, from a conviction that transportation was often the missing link in empowering aid organizations in developing countries. Through her vision, more than 4,000 cars, trucks and vans have been donated to humanitarian individuals and organizations in Africa.

Since Julie's retirement, I have adopted Julie's principles and now run the organization. I am a South African schoolteacher from the Eastern Cape, educated at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. My family and I now live in Asia and, through Transport Aid's 'Wheels for Africa' programme, wish to contribute to the continent we love.                     Tanya Robinson.

What is Transport Aid ?

Transport Aid is the world's largest donor of quality used Japanese vehicles to charities, churches, sports groups, NGOs, hospitals, schools and individuals undertaking humanitarian work in Southern Africa.

Many Aid groups have or are entitled to Duty Concessions, which we leave up to the recipient groups to investigate and arrange.

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Transport Aid is non profit, donor based and aid oriented.

Transport Aid donates vehicles under their Wheels for Africa programme to deserving organizations - charities, churches, sports groups, NGOs, hospitals, schools and individuals.

With the increasing costs of shipping, many groups are finding it increasingly difficult to pay these costs, even though they desperately need the transport.

Therefore, while we will always donate the vehicle completely free of charge, Donor Partners able to donate the shipping costs are always welcome to participate in the 'Wheels for Africa' Programme.

Southern African Destinations

We have no restriction on the number of vehicles donated to Bona Fide aid groups or charitable organizations provided all charges are paid as specified.

Should you wish to receive a vehicle under this Donation System please return the Application Form for us to process your request and arrange shipping. We look forward to assisting you in your efforts to improve the quality of life through your projects in Africa.